Shakespeare and the show Friends – great English Class Video


Although Shakespeare used a lot of words we may not understand, and a lot of words people and kids will think are “big”, what’s clear is he was an artist with language. Now, not many of us are ever going to be 1/8th as good with language as he was, but we will at least be articulate with a decent sized vocabulary. Shakespeare’s language is a way of showing the world what artistic language can truly be like and what we can aspire to. That being said, if we go the opposite way, and don’t embrace language at all, well, you can turn into a Joey Tribbiani from the TV show Friends. As Monica says:

Monica: “We don’t think of you as really being so much with the words…”
Joey: Wha- Whoa- Hey, wooh, hey!
Monica: Clearly we were wrong!

Now, this vid is a great reason as to why it is important to have a decent vocabulary. It may or may not be a great segue into your Shakespeare class, but at minimum, it is great fun to watch!