Shakespearean Tragedy Bingo

Shakespearean Tragedy Bingo Card

Shakespearean Tragedy Bingo CardOk, let’s start with, I didn’t make this… but, it’s pretty darn cool! (credit to Mya Gosling) Shakespearean Tragedy Bingo.  My first thought was, it’s going to be a pretty long game.  But, my second thought was to actually make this into a game.  Have all the different scenes that relate to the squares put in the “Shakespearean Tragedy Bingo” bag.  Pull out the scene and play, review it slightly for a quick learning lesson, and have the kids mark their cards!

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Classroom Insult-a-thon

shakespeare insult video

Classroom Insult-a-thon

(Don’t forget, April 23rd is National Insult Like Shakespeare Day!)

It’s simple and fun and works like this:

  • Everyone writes up 3-4 different insults using the Shakespeare Insult Generator
  • They spend about 5-10 minutes practicing their insults, working on generating the appropriate delivery with angst!
  • Split the class into 2 groups that line up against each other
  • FIRST ROUND of insults: one student from each group steps forward and they insult each other with one of their insults.
  • The teacher, or some voting panel, votes for the best insult.  Loser … Continue reading
  • Shakespeare and Music

    Shakespeare music and food

    Shakespeare music bandHave some kids in class that are musically inclined?  Give them a great challenge, have them create a Shakespeare song.  Perhaps this is to one of their favorite characters (ohh, what would a Puck song sound like… I’m thinking Nirvana…) or their favorite play (I can hear a nice Halloween melody running for Titus…) or anything associated with The Bard at all.

    I was inspired for this by watching the following YouTube vid on a song created and inspired by Richard II:

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    Shake Phrase in a Box – Classroom Activity

    Shake Phrase

    Here’s a great idea from @DetroitSamWhite, whom I met in the twitterverse.  A great way to introduce kids to Shakespeare and realize the impact that The Bard’s language had on the rest of the world is to play a little game with your kids called, Shake Phrase.  As many of you know, all of my books are sprinkled with common Shakespeare phrases that kids will hear throughout life.  Well, with Shake Phrase, you write down dozens of these common phrases and words and put them in a box.  BUT, the 2nd part is to put another … Continue reading

    “You are Quoting Shakespeare if…” Lesson Idea

    You are quoting Shakespeare

    You are quoting ShakespeareIf you ever said the phrase, “It’s greek to me”, you are quoting Shakespeare.  If you have ever stated, “In my mind’s eye”, you are quoting Shakespeare.  If you have ever heard the phrase, “Dead as a doornail”, or “foregone conclusion”, or “it is high time”, yep, you got it, you are quoting Shakespeare.  As you know with my Shakespeare Insult Generator, or my Shakespeare for Kids books, I’m always trying find creative ways to engage kids with the pure awesomeness … Continue reading

    Can Shakespeare get you to Disneyland?


    Okay, I will be the first to tell you that I am a big Disneyland fan. Now, to hear that there is an opportunity for doing some theater, dare I say SHAKESPEARE, and that’ll get me in the gate at Disneyland on the cheap, I am all about that! This a great article about a school that is trying to do just that.

    I really want to root them on, because anytime you can get Shakespeare and Disneyland tied into one joint effort, that makes it all the more worthwhile.

    Below is the story about their journey:

    Another #ShakesTweet – Henry IV, Part 1

    Here’s another great post by Alan Peat doing 50-tweets renditions of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.  This time, Henry IV, Part 1 (I wonder if he has a History of the World, Part 1, misc tweet or two in there?)

    Here is an excerpt or two and a link to the actual post:

    1402. Henry IV wants a crusade but there’s trouble at home – Ed. Mortimer (English) captured by Glendower (Welsh leader); 1000 English dead

    — Alan Peat (@alanpeat) 12:54 PM – 18 Feb 2014

    And there’s more: their ‘private parts’ have been chopped off. Even more – Hotspur not handing … Continue reading

    Lesson Idea: Virtual Shakespeare with Avatars

    I came across this great article, in the New York Times, about a teacher that reached her kids with Shakespeare by creating a virtual Globe Theater.  A full blown 3D model on the computer!  She then had the kids create avatars and interact in the virtual theater by blocking a scene from Titus Andronicus. (I’d have probably chosen something slightly less gory, but, whatever!)

    The 3D animated theater is called a “Theatron” and here’s a short video of the Globe’s theatron in action.

    By going to the site, Theatron3, you can get into this virtual world with … Continue reading

    Lesson Plan: Muppets and Shakespeare

    Shakespeare's muppet bust

    So I was watching the Muppet’s Christmas Carol a few weeks ago when I noticed Shakespeare’s bust up on the wall.  That got me thinking; how often have our dear, beloved Muppets referenced Shakespeare over all these years. Had to be once or twice. Turns out, there’s an entire page dedicated to it. Go wiki!

    Muppets Shakespeare Wiki

    So, as a way to bridge the gap between kids and Shakespeare, what better way than the Muppets. It would be a fun exercise to have the kids … Continue reading

    Can Shakespeare’s Henry V be done in 30 tweets? #ShakesTweet

    Fellow blogger and Shakespeare fan, Alan Peat, (@alanpeat) was a bit bored one day and decided for his 50th birthday to tweet all of Shakespeare’s plays in 50 tweets or less (not in one day, cuz, that’d be a bit crazy).  So, he knocked out his first “Shakestweet”, Henry V.

    twitterThat leads to my thoughts on another Shakespeare lesson plan, the ShakesTweet.  What a great way to engage technology with Shakespeare.  As I’ve said before, probably half … Continue reading