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Shakespeare in the world

Beautiful Shakespeare Art

Jane TomlinsonI have been so very lucky to meet a wonderful artist who has captured the plays of Shakespeare in a way unique to anything I’ve ever seen. (examples are below) As with Shakespeare, Jane Tomlinson was born and raised in Straford-upon-Avon. “The Bard has always been a towering figure in my life; his influence permeated my childhood,” she says. To mark the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016, Jane’s tribute to Shakespeare is a map of all the plays in their approximate settings across Europe.  Many of the plays take place in the British Isles and Italy, and Jane realized each of those deserved a painting in their own right too. Read more about Jane and her Shakespeare paintings.

She has allowed me to make posters from her beautiful work, so you can hang in your classroom for your kids to enjoy for years to come! (USA only! to purchase in the UK/EU, go to Jane’s site)




shakespeare's british plays poster


shakespeare's italian plays poster

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By brendan kelso

Brendan is the main creative source and author behind Playing With Plays and the infamous Shakespeare for Kids series. You can typically find him inventing by day, playing with his family by night, and writing by very late night.

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