Shakespeare in Ender’s Game

shakespeare in enders game

So I love to read, and I love a good sci-fi, and one of the best sci-fi series that I’ve read is the Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card. Recently, I reread Ender in Exile, which is the next book after Ender’s Game. The relevant piece about this, and why I am bringing it up to you, is that there is a Shakespeare activity build right  into this one. In this book, the actual colony that Ender goes out to, the … Continue reading

Shakespeare Word Challenge

Shakespeare word challenge

Thanks to @GuyKawasaki and, for helping us see another list of 20 words we wouldn’t be able to iterate today without the help of The Bard. Words such as assassination, bedazzled, cold–blooded, fashionable, scuffle, swagger, and more… It’s amazing what this guy brought to the table.

So, because of this, I thought of the Shakespeare Word Challenge for your kids: In your classroom, challenge your kids to come up with 10 words or phrases that Shakespeare created or first penned and then have them use them in a sentence. What this will do is help them realize that his “language” … Continue reading

#ShakesTag the Online Game of Shakespeare


Well today is the day of the week that most people practice religion of one type or another. For some people it’s the church, others football, and to others, reading is religion. Stepping into a slightly tighter niche than that, Shakespeare. And some of these people who love the Bard, get together on Sunday for a friendly game of #ShakesTag.#ShakesTag

What is #ShakesTag, … Continue reading

Book of Life and Shakespeare

book of lifeSo I just went to the movie theater with my kid to see the movie, The Book of Life. I really enjoyed the movie, and the music that goes along with it. But, what caught my surprise was the Shakespeare reference that was in it. This is a nice subtle way to get kids to reference Shakespeare. There is a little … Continue reading

Shakespeare and Science

Shakespeare and Science

So I ran across this great article and it really got me thinking about science during Shakespeare’s time.

Shakespeare and ScienceHow much science was around (well, it was all around, but how much was discovered by the 1600s?) and how was Shakespeare influenced by science?  Well, I’ll tell you this, I’m an engineer and my wife is a science teacher, and yet, I can’t tell you much about science and … Continue reading

Shakespeare Plays Designed for Autistic Kids

autism and shakespeare

This is something that touches my heart deeply, but poses a bigger question, why don’t live theater and movie theaters do performances and shows for kids with sensory challenges more often? First of all, this post is inspired by Kelly Hunter from the Royal Shakespeare Company, in conjunction with the Ohio State University. A big shout out goes to them.  You see, they are doing special performances of The Tempest with and for kids with sensory challenges in mind (their specific focus is autism).  You can read more detail about it here.

They are doing special performances of Shakespeare’s The Tempest designed … Continue reading

Celebrity Impersonations of Hamlet’s To be or not to be Speech

Shakespeare with celebrity impersonations

I recently came across a great video through Twitter that is pretty impressive.  Jim Meskimen is a professional impersonator and he spun together a great 2 minute video that’s both engaging and original.  He was able to perform the famous, To be or not to be monologue from Hamlet with about 25 different famous celebrity impersonations.  You can follow Jim on Twitter at: @jimrossmeskimen

You can see the video here:

And Jim has another Shakespeare from celebrity impersonations below.  This one has been seen almost 1 million times!  Not too shabby!

13 Words first penned by Shakespeare

13 words penned by Shakespeare

As we all know, Shakespeare wrote a lot of words.  Many of which he made up on the fly, or simply was the first one to actually write them done.  Regardless, he alone added somewhere upwards of 5,000+ words and phrases to the English language.  Some of these, we use every day.  Here’s a list of 13 words first penned by Shakespeare:
13 words penned by Shakespeare Continue reading

Hilarious Macbeth Summary Video

I tripped over this Macbeth summary video on YouTube, it’s pretty funny, and if you have high-schoolers, it’s a perfect quick summary that’ll fit right into their teenage attitude!  Enjoy!


How Many Plays did Shakespeare Write?

Well, this has been an age old question, asked throughout the years.  But, no one will every truly know the exact answer to how many plays did Shakespeare write, because there is always the following arguments:

  • He plagiarized and never really did “write” the plays
  • There are “lost” plays: i.e. “Love’s Labour’s Won”, Cardenio
  • He co-wrote some plays with other authors: i.e. Two Noble Kinsmen
  • Other plays that “experts” are considering written, or re-written by Shakespeare but not originally attributed to the Bard

But, for a number to answer the basic question of how many plays did Shakespeare write? … Continue reading