Insult Like Shakespeare Day – April 23rd

Classic Shakespeare Insults

Classic Shakespeare InsultsOk, I’m making a bold statement.  Nay, I’m doing what must be done, and I need YOUR help to spread the word!  As you know, I write short, humorous, melodramatic renditions of Shakespeare’s plays, all in an effort to make The Bard easy for children (and adults!) to understand.  Well, since I’m on this mission to make Shakespeare fun and exciting … Continue reading

Behind Barbed Wire, Shakespeare Inspires Syrian Kids

At the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, thousands of Syrians are seeking refuge from a country torn down by civil war.  They are living in tents, some nights freezing, and in search of just basic needs such as water and food.  In an effort to bring enlightenment and laughter back into their lives, many of these Syrians are kids have decided to perform Shakespeare’s King Lear.  With no stage or costumes, these Syrian kids really know how to use their imagination.  A truly inspiring article by the NY Times Ben Hubbard and an amazing show of … Continue reading

Shakespeare and St. Patricks

shamrockI was very curious about how much relation there was with Shakespeare  and St. Patrick.  So I did a little research, thank you Google. Turns out that Shakespeare’s more commonly associated with St. Patrick’s with drinking and anything else.  However, other then a number of bars that are called Shakespeare that have St. Patty day bands and drinks, which by the way, looks like a lot of fun, Shakespeare did … Continue reading

Can you pass the Shakespeare quiz?

shakespeare quizSo, you think you know the Bard?  Can you pass the Shakespeare quiz? Well, the LA Times put together a nice little quiz to answer that exact question.  Did he write, “To be, or not to be?”, “Beauty and folly are old companions”, “Et tu, Brute?”  Well, take the Shakespeare quiz and let me know how you did!  See the link below:

Did Shakespeare write that?

Good … Continue reading

Autistic kids taking Shakespeare to the Next Level

Shakespeare Puzzle Piece

Recently through Twitter I had the good fortune to find a very special lady, Heather – aka @AlaskaGrace. This is a little bit about her story of working with special needs kids, Shakespeare, and the amazing growth their parents and educators saw as a result. I’ll start you off with a taste… a quote. It’s the passion of her heart that got me hooked on her…

You just have to experience it. That’s all I can say. Even if for a moment, it changes their lives. And for a very precious few, it changes their life forever. 

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Ides of March

CaesarWe want kids to love Shakespeare because the stories are timeless, the language is brilliant and the sword fights are to DIE for (cue moans).

Let’s not forget, however, that many of the plays are based on actual historical events.  March is a perfect time to break out a copy of Julius Caesar and to run around the house yelling, “Beware the Ides of March!”

                  Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2

Caesar:  Who is … Continue reading

Fun Shakespeare Stuff for Kids – Shakespeare Insult Bandages

shakespeare insult bandages

I was reviewing some of the items that people order when the order my books through Amazon today.  I found something that I thought was funny and wanted to share with everyone! shakespeare insult bandages There are Shakespearean insult bandages!!!  That’s right, if you get cut, you can have a “bloody” insult just waiting for you!  This is just funny, and a great way to have … Continue reading

Can Shakespeare get you to Disneyland?

Okay, I will be the first to tell you that I am a big Disneyland fan. Now, to hear that there is an opportunity for doing some theater, dare I say SHAKESPEARE, and that’ll get me in the gate at Disneyland on the cheap, I am all about that! This a great article about a school that is trying to do just that.

I really want to root them on, because anytime you can get Shakespeare and Disneyland tied into one joint effort, that makes it all the more worthwhile.

Below is the story about their journey:

Shakespeare’s Language Made Simple – Shakespeare for Kids

I recently read an article about two Shakespeare plays, currently on Broadway, being staged the way they would have been in Shakespeare’s day. Minimal sets, all male casts, engagement with the audience, and a heavy emphasis on the language. In fact, the article stressed that back when these plays were first performed, people would often say that they had gone to “hear” a play, not “see” a play, like we do today.

That got me thinking about how far society has come in our exploration and interpretation of these plays. Sets get flashier and costumes get more and more elaborate. Movie versions of the plays incorporate music … Continue reading

Green Eggs and Hamlet

I recently met a gentleman named Stephan on He shared with me a littlegreen eggs and hamlet poem he wrote: Green eggs and Hamlet. He had an interesting concept, what would Shakespeare be like if Dr. Seuss were to write him? This was his take on what he could’ve written:

I do not like ova chartreuse anymore. I will not eat them in Elsinore.
I do not like the … Continue reading