Shakespeare Classes and Camps

2018  – Spring Classes & Spring Break Camp

shakespeare for kids classWe have after school and summer camps in 4 different areas: Atascadero, Nipomo, and South Carolina:

ATASCADERO, CA Classes – Taught by Brendan P. Kelso – Shakespeare Classes are starting up in April! All classes have a performance at the end of the session (for all family and friends!) – Scholarships available! Email Brendan with any questions: Brendan at Sign up here

Two classes this spring:

Thursday class – 10-11:30 April 12th – May 31st weekly – with a performance on the final day.

KING LEAR for Kids – Boy, talking about kids loving to melodramatically die on stage, this one is TRULY a tragedy! Comedically written, with a pair of evil sisters. The old and looney King Lear has quite an adventure as he passes his kingdom on to his daughters! 

Saturday class – 9-10:30 April 14th – May 19th weekly – with a performance on the final day.

HAMLET for Kids – To be or not to be! This is a fun, melodramatic, and amazing experience with Shakespeare’s greatest play! There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark!

SPRING CAMP – ATASCADERO – Julius Caesar for Kids – April 2nd – 6th – with a performance on that Friday! Camp is each day from 9-12.

JULIUS CAESAR for Kids – Ancient Rome has never been more fun! With melodramatic deaths, soothsayers, and betrayal of friends, this version of Shakespeare’s tragedy/history will have your kids running around in togas on stage and having a blast with Shakespeare!

Shakespeare with skullNIPOMO CLASSES are taught by Angi Herrick – who is also an Inspire Vendor

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! What could be more fun?! How about playing a Lion, Tiger, or Bear?!  Come on out and join us onstage to “monkey” around in this fun adventure as we use fun animal antics to bring the Jungle Book to life! This Spring Break Camp will run Monday, April 2nd through Friday, April 6th at CEM Judo in Nipomo from 10-12 each day with a performance for family and friends on Friday, April 6th at noon. Tuition is $75, Inspire Charter school funds are accepted.

Register here for Nipomo classes
Email Angi with any questions:

SPRING CAMP – NIPOMO – Jungle Book for Kids – April 2nd – 6th – with a performance on that Friday! Camp is each day from 9-12.

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  • Jungle Book for Kids – Your kids will have a blast monkey-ing around with this classic Kipling tale! Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli, and even the dreaded Shere Khan! Along with the rest of the jungle creatures from this wonderful story. 

Spring Class – Pride & Prejudice for Kids – SOLD OUT!

SOUTH CAROLINA CLASSES – taught by Jean Schubert, formerly of Crabpot Players Theatre – Oliver Twist is finding his way through 1800’s London. Come and perform in this melodramatic version of adventure and fun! This delightfully fun rendition is sure to get your kids coming back for more classic stories again and again!
Registration links below for the South Carolina classes

Email Jean with any questions:

Teaching Shakespeare classes or camps?  Let us know and we will help get the word out! Email me directly at: brendan at

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