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Can I do this as a home school, after-school, or summer camp program?

ABSOLUTELY! I’ll even mentor and coach you for no charge! (contact me below) Better yet, check out my presentation on running your own summer camp!

But…. (there’s always a but) if you are charging for this class, then you have to pay for the books (good news, you get a discount from me!).  Also, if you are charging the audience to see your production, then there will be a performance license or royalty associated with each performance.  

If you are NOT charging to run this class (i.e. you’re a teacher at a school; you’re a homeschool parent running a drama course, etc.) Then you don’t have to worry about buying books. But, I do ask that you pay a nominal photocopy fee if you can. (if not, contact me, I work with all teachers in many different situations!)

Learn about licensing costs here.

Please contact me using the form below for details and group discounts on books. Or email me directly at Brendan at