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Can I photocopy the script?

First of all, the plays are copyright protected. So, this would be a great lesson plan for your kids to learn the right and wrongs around copyright.

BUT, to answer your question: If you need to purchase copies for a classroom, homeschool, theatre, or some other type of group, or need more information regarding performance rights, see the pricing below, including our educator’s rate. Also! See my Director’s Toolbox for Cast sizes, Character line counts, forms, and other tips and tricks for putting on my plays.

— Any photocopies/digital copies are $2/copy (educator’s rate OR not charging the kids to be part of your class) or $5/copy (non-education rate – you are charging the kids to be part of your program) – one per kid/director/backstage (in example 10 kids = $20)

— For physical scripts, they are $8/book (10 books minimum), or $7.25/book if ordering over 30 (mix and match is ok). If you’re ordering over 100 books, then the price drops to $6.50/book. Please note, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the books to arrive once payment is received.

— As for performance rights, if you are charging the audience, in a competition, or accepting donations, then it is $45/show. IF NOT, then you are eligible for the ‘Pay what you can’ rate. (this is for online or in-person) Typically, I charge $45/show, if you can pay that, great! If you can only afford $0, fantastic! Or, somewhere in between is wonderful as well! (I understand how budgets can be!)

Questions? Just contact me using the form below, or email: Brendan at