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Didn’t receive your order?

FIRST – simply email me through the form below – BUT, be sure to send a number I can text or call. Because, there have been times where that’s the only way I can get a file to you. (I’m looking at you, school email addresses!) As well as an alternate email address – yes, sometimes it’s that simple!

If you feel you didn’t receive your order, there may be a few reasons:

  1. THE TOP REASON: You’re using a school email address – about 30% of school addresses block outside emails, especially with attachments. (and they don’t notify me OR you! Frustrating!)
  2. I did send it, but it either went into your spam OR got buried in your emails – occurs more than you know!
  3. You wrote your email incorrectly. It happens, no worries!
  4. I forgot – ok, this can happen… but, it’s only happened about 3 times in the last 5 years, so, I’m proud of that!
  5. You didn’t wait 24-hours for email delivery – I customize every file, so sometimes I do it at the end of my day (California time!)