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I’m a teacher, and we have no budget, do I still have to pay a royalty?

The answer is yes and no, depending…I work with MANY teachers and, unfortunately, they don’t get paid well enough, nor are most given budgets for the arts.  A teacher once told me: “Pay a royalty?!?! Are you kidding me!  I’m lucky enough to buy one copy of this book, with my own money!”  So, if you fall under the following criteria, you don’t have to pay any royalties:

  1. You don’t charge your kids for the books or the class.
  2. You don’t charge for the performances. (typically they are just for parents or classmates)
  3. BUT! I do ask that you let me know so I can share it with other teachers, as well as mark it as a donation!

However, if you do:

  • Charge your kids for the books or the class – then you DO have to pay for each book. (I can get you a group discount, contact me directly)
  • Charge for the performances – then you DO have to pay a royalty per performance ($70 for each performance)

But, with that said, I am an author and I’m trying to do more and more of these plays, so if you can pull it off, I would appreciate the royalty!



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