Is there a royalty or licensing fee for using your plays?

Yes and No… depends on who you are.  If you are performing my plays and NOT charging any money for people to see it, then NO, there is no licensing.  HOWEVER, if you are charging the audience to see it, then YES, there is a licensing fee. Also, if this is being performed for a competition or festival, then YES, the licensing fees apply.

The costs for one play are: 

  • $45 per performance
  • $35 per performance (for 3 or more performances)
  • $30 per performance (for 6 or more performances)

If you are doing multiple plays in one performance (i.e. Hamlet, Macbeth, and Midsummer all for 1 ticket price), then the costs are:

  • $90 per performance
  • $85 per performance (for 3 or more performances)
  • $75 per performance (for 6 or more performances)

Please contact me directly for details using the form below.  And if you have ANY questions, I’m always listening!

If you do fall under, “there is no royalty” then that’s great!  If you can still let me know, I would appreciate it, I love to share when groups perform my plays.


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