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Female Centric Plays

On occasion, I get requests asking about female-centric plays. Plays with several girls in the cast. Unfortunately, many classic stories are based around the male. However, not all. Here’s a short list of plays that have more female roles than typical. As well, if you know of a classic story with females that you would like me to look into writing, let me know!

As for female-centric plays… well, here’s a few:

Little Women, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, and Olivia Twisted! (Oliver Twist but a famale version… yes, teachers have done this… check that out here!

Jungle Book is a gender-neutral play, and Midsummer has many female parts. I also like some of the females in King Lear – as they get to be the villain!

But, to be honest, I’ve never had an issue casting any female into any part in any play. If an actor wants to play Macbeth, and I think she can do it, then she’ll be Macbeth! (or Hamlet or King Lear or whoever!)

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By brendan kelso

Brendan is the main creative source and author behind Playing With Plays and the infamous Shakespeare for Kids series. You can typically find him inventing by day, playing with his family by night, and writing by very late night.

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