Shakespeare and Classics Drama Showcase and Competition

1st Annual Shakespeare and Classics

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Drama Showcase

and Competition

May 11th, 2019

8 am – 6 pm


1st Annual Shakespeare and Classics Drama Showcase and Competition presented by Playing With Plays in conjunction with Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation.

This is a day where kids can showcase their melodramatic talents in a performance setting amongst other schools, groups, and judges. This is open to any school or theatre group.

There are two phases of the festival:

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT –  20% OFF – register by Feb 28th – use discount code: festival

The spirit of this festival is to bring out the best talent our kids have to offer through educational theatre and good sportsmanship. We aim to help them instill a love for drama, Shakespeare, Classic stories, teamwork, and character building under the guidance of their great directors. Competition can surface talent we didn’t know existed and help us to excel beyond the classroom, this is a great venue for their skills and talents to take root.

The showcase and the competition have slightly different rules, (you can see more details by following their respective links) but…

  • Cast size – no greater than 20, no minimum
  • Max performance time is 35 minutes (includes set up, performance, and strike)
  • Respect and good sportsmanship
  • Language, dress, and actions must be appropriate for an elementary school audience – failure to follow this can lead to disqualification. (Know your audience!)

Playing With Plays has been around for over a decade, and in that time has brought Shakespeare and other classics to kids in the form of short melodramatic versions with lines of the original text sprinkled throughout. Each book has 3 versions of the same play for 3 different group sizes, so there is flexibility with cast size.  Most plays can be performed with as little as 7 people and as many as 20 (a few are even as small as 5!) Their plays have been performed all over the world by over a 1,000 schools and over 35,000 copies have been sold.  There are currently 22 titles available for this competition and once a title has been chosen, it is unavailable for the other schools or groups to use.


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