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Online Digital Copies

If you have decided to do an online performance of one of our plays, first off… yahoo!!! You are going to have a blast!!! Secondly, we can help. We can provide digital scripts to each of your cast members. We do ask for a $2/script licensing fee. These scripts are limited licenses where you will be able to use them for a period of time. (2, 4, 6-weeks, or whatever you need – we can adjust)

Regarding performance license. If this performance is just for education, we will gladly waive the performance license fee. However, if this performance is used to generate any type of funds, (including advertising via YouTube or other media sites) then we do ask for a performance license fee.

The scripts will be delivered via Google Drive and are for viewing only. A screenshot of what the file looks like is below.

If you have any other questions or ideas, please let us know. As we learn more about ways to share information, we can be flexible in what we do!

Contact us via our contact form or via email: contact at

We are excited to see all of these wonderful online performances!!! We have done this, so can you!

Here are some lessons learned to help out!

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