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10-Pack Special: YOU NAME IT. WE SHIP IT.


Any 10 titles, you tell us!  An entire set of 1 title, a mix of 10 different titles, somewhere in between? You make the call!

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ANY 10 titles for only $80!  That’s 20% off!

10 Hamlets for a class set – DONE!

You can mix and match ANY 10 you want

5 of Midsummer and 5 Pride & Prejudice – DONE!

2 Tempests, 3 Romeo & Juliets, and 5 Frankensteins – DONE!

You name it, ANY 10 – DONE!

When you pay, let us know which books you want. If you forget, no worries! We will contact you and follow up with which books you want in your 10-pack!

Want more than a 10-pack at a discount? Simply contact us directly!

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