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Orlando Meet & Greet – May 21st @ 6pm


Meet playwright Brendan P. Kelso and playwright/author Angela M. Herrick



Register for the free meet & greet with Playwright Brendan P. Kelso and author/playwright Angela M. Herrick.

Located at the 42nd street theater at Penguin Point at 1195 Oviedo Mall Blvd, Oviedo, Fl

Q&A, signed copies, and readings!

Come say hi!

BRENDAN P. KELSO came to writing modified Shakespeare scripts when he was taking time off from work to be at home with his son. “It just grew from there”. Within months, he was being asked to offer classes in various locations and acting organizations along the coast of California. Employed as an engineer, Brendan never thought about writing. But, he has always believed, “the best way to learn is to have fun!”

Today Brendan is a full-time author, teacher, speaker, and, most importantly, a dad! Brendan makes his home on the central coast of California and loves to spend time with his family, Edgar the pig, Pat the cat, 2 goats, 3 ducks, 6 chickens (#’s 8-13), 3 dogs, and a fish named Monster.

ANGELA M. HERRICK is a drama teacher, actor, writer, and director and has a passion for storytelling. A teacher at heart, she believes in retelling these classic stories in a way that makes them fun and accessible for the next generation. Angela lives on the Central Coast of California and loves hanging out with her husband, five children, Savannah the dog, and cats Gatsby and Mayhem.

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