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Shakespeare’s Hilarious Tragedies – a full-length play

Who will your kids be? Hamlet, Macbeth, Juliet, Caesar, the Witches, or all of them!?

A full-length, 2-act, play with a very flexible cast size ranging from 14-72!

More details below.



You thought Hamlet for Kids was funny, R&J a hoot, Macbeth a crack-up, and Caesar… well, don’t get me started about that narrator! What if, we combined them all and then threw in a body-counter? Now THAT would be funny! So, that’s what I did!

Shakespeare’s Hilarious Tragedies for a cast size of 14 – 72! That’s right, this is a 2-act play that runs about 90 minutes and can be done with as few as 14 actors, OR, if you’re brave enough, 72! Or anywhere in between! Highly flexible casting.


  • $5/copy for digital or photocopy (i.e. 20 kids = $100)
  • $8/print book
  • Performance rights:
    • $90/show
    • $85/show for 3 or more
    • $75/show for 6 or more

For details regarding script costs and performance licensing please contact us directly.

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