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Summer Drama Camp Seminar – Feb 5th @ 4pm PST


FREE Summer Drama camp seminar


Summer Drama Camp Seminar – Sunday, Feb 5th @ 4pm PACIFIC TIME

A FREE 30-minute presentation on how to run your own Summer Drama Camp!

This presentation is based around the Playing With Plays scripts to host a 1-week, fun-filled, camp! Meet on Monday and Perform on Friday! From auditions to costumes to off-book to showtime! All while having a blast and making a little extra income on the side!

I’ll discuss:

  • How to set up your program
  • How to advertise your program
  • How to collect payments
  • Auditions
  • Daily schedules
  • Tips and tricks learned over time
  • Costumes
  • Day of performance activities

Simply “Add to cart” above and check out! (free!)

A Zoom link will be sent an hour prior to the seminar. Be sure to mark your calendar: Feb 5th, 4pm PST

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