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Shakespeare Insult-a-thon

Can you be a Shakespeare Insult Champion?

April 23rd is International Insult Like Shakespeare Day


It’s simple and fun and works like this:

  1. Everyone writes up 3-4 different insults using the Shakespeare Insult Generator
  2. They spend about 5-10 minutes practicing their insults, working on generating the appropriate delivery with angst!
  3. Split the class into 2 groups that line up against each other
  4. FIRST ROUND of insults: one student from each group steps forward and they insult each other with one of their insults.
  5. The teacher, or some voting panel, votes for the best insult.  Loser sits down, winner goes to the side stays up for the next round. Continue through all the kids till the first round is completed.
  6. 2ND ROUND: The winners of the 1st round now compete in the 2nd round – same rules apply: loser sits, winner stays.
  7. 3rd ROUND and beyond: Repeat until there is one champion left

The best part about this is their insults will get better and better as the rounds progress.  They will invest more and more emotion into their insults as they progress through the rounds.  It will be LOTS of fun!

Good luck and break a leg!

– Brendan

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