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Shakespeare Lesson Plans

Shakespeare Insult Generator

Well hello my fellow Shakespearean insulters, or, dare I say, you bawdy, ill-breeding, maggot pies!  Just to let you know the most requested page that I get on this website is for the Shakespeare Insult Generator.  I love this for several reasons; the main one is because the Shakespeare Insult Generator is the best and fastest way for kids to engage with Shakespeare.  Another reason is that this is just plain simple fun, regardless if you’re a kid or an adult. And thirdly (if that’s even a word) who doesn’t like to engage in fun, senseless, insults Shakespearean style!Shakespeare insult

Below are a few of the ways that I use the Shakespeare Insult Generator in classroom activities:

Shakespeare Insult Generator in a play

When teaching the Shakespeare plays that we do, I have the kids create their own Shakespeare insult and integrate it into their characters lines. It’s amazing how much more engagement I get with the kids when they try figure this out on their own. Trying to compete for the best insult possible. How fun is that!

Shakespeare Insult showdown

I will pair the kids off 1:1 and have them practice insulting each other. And then we will do a elimination competition to find out who’s the best insulter in the group.

Shakespeare Insult Generator during an extracurricular activity

When I give the Shakespeare Insult Generator to kids, I tell them that they can raise their English grade by insulting their teachers. Think about it, they’re using more advanced and mature language and having fun with it! What English teacher wouldn’t want that? Right?!?! I usually tell them to go home and practice on their parents or siblings, that usually gets great results.

You can find the Shakespeare insult generator here. Even if you do no lesson with the Shakespeare Insult Generator, even just handing it out to the kids will yield great fun! You will be amazed how much they will just take to it and start having fun.

Well the most important point here is to have fun engaging the kids with Shakespeare. So download the Shakespeare Insult Generator, hand it out, and start having fun!

If you have used the Shakespeare Insult Generator and want to share your idea or lesson plan, please let me know.  I love sharing other instructors ideas!

Till next time you surly, elf-skinned, barnacle!

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By brendan kelso

Brendan is the main creative source and author behind Playing With Plays and the infamous Shakespeare for Kids series. You can typically find him inventing by day, playing with his family by night, and writing by very late night.

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