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Shakespeare Insult Generator

Download the Shakespeare Insult Generator here, but, if you’re not sure what it is, keep reading… 

DO A SHAKESPEARE INSULT-A-THON!!! There is no better hook to get kids loving Shakespeare than a good ol’ insult-a-thon! Learn how here!

(click here if you are looking for the Pirate Insult Generator!)

How to use the Shakespeare Insult Generator

Shakespeare insult generator
You frothy half-faced maggot-pie!
You puny beetle-headed flap-dragon!
You vain ill-breading dewberry!
You….well, you get the picture….
Create your own awesome Shakespeare insults with this great Shakespeare insult generator!!!
It’s simple, download this:  Shakespeare Insult Generator! – and then follow these simple rules:
  1. Take a word from column 1
  2. Take a word from column 2
  3. Take a word from column 3
  4. Put some bitterness in the way you say it
  5. Add a nice scowl
  6. Maybe some evil eyes too…yeah, that’ll work….
  7. And if you have a sword point that at them too!
  8. Then let your Shakespeare insult fly! – You beslubbering fen-sucked pignut!

The Shakespeare Insult Generator

Don’t know what your Shakespeare insult means?  Well, look it up here or buy the Shakespeare Lexicon, a MUST if you are to perform Shakespeare!

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