Teaching or directing tips

Female Centric Plays

On occasion, I get requests asking about female-centric plays. Plays with several girls in the cast. Unfortunately, many classic stories are based around the male. However, not all. Here’s a short list of plays that have more female roles than typical. As well, if you know of a classic story with females that you would…

Performing Shakespeare for kids

Shakespeare Kids are Creative

So, I’ve done dozens of afterschool / homeschool Shakespeare for Kids programs.  As well as I’ve seen my plays performed all around the world. And one thing is VERY clear – these kids are creative! I want to pass on one piece of information that’s critical to anyone directing one of my plays: Let the…

Shakespeare in the world

Hilarious Macbeth Summary Video

I tripped over this Macbeth summary video on YouTube, it’s pretty funny, and if you have high-schoolers, it’s a perfect quick summary that’ll fit right into their teenage attitude!  Enjoy!