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“SHATNER!” Drama Improv Game

Ok, this is a REALLY FUN improv drama game that your kids will LOVE! It’s called, SHATNER! (At least the adults of the kids will surely¬†love it!) ūüôā (I did not think of this game, and due credit goes to where I heard of it from; the Facebook group, Homeschool Snark.) We all know Captain…

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Why Shakespeare Tragedies are funnier than Comedies

Ok, this is a short little post about a great little document that I found. Full credit to Cam Magee, and he summarizes this best: Everybody dies. ¬†And THAT is why tragedies are funnier than comedies, when performed by kids melodramatically! ¬†From the data I have collected (watching kids perform) ALL kids LOVE to die…