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Female Centric Plays

On occasion, I get requests asking about female-centric plays. Plays with several girls in the cast. Unfortunately, many classic stories are based around the male. However, not all. Here’s a short list of plays that have more female roles than typical. As well, if you know of a classic story with females that you would…

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Shakespeare Tattoos – Kids LOVE them!

Ok, I just got these REALLY cool Shakespeare tattoos, and the kids are LOVING them! Several people have asked where they can get some, so I’ve put them on my website for you to buy if you want for your kids!  Enjoy!  OR I’ll send them free with any books you purchase!!!  

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Fun Shakespeare Stuff for Kids – Shakespeare Insult Bandages

I was reviewing some of the items that people order when the order my books through Amazon today.  I found something that I thought was funny and wanted to share with everyone!  There are Shakespearean insult bandages!!!  That’s right, if you get cut, you can have a “bloody” insult just waiting for you!  This is…