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Some of our shows, “Zoomed” for your enjoyment!!!  As well, enjoy some of the fun interactive classroom Shakespeare for Kids videos near the bottom!

Hamlet for Kids Reader’s Theatre – the Teacher’s Edition!

King Lear by the incredible Mountain Home Charter School

This AMAZING Shakespeare-in-the-Zoom production of our Romeo & Juliet for Kids! (Amazing job, Bruce Wagner Elementary!)

Little Women by Endeavor Charter School

Sofa Shakespeare for Kids production of Midsummer for Kids

Romeo & Juliet for Kids performed by McAuliffe Middle School Drama Dept.

Macbeth for Kids (The Scottish Play) performed by Crespo Elementary Kids and Alumni

Tom Sawyer for Kids world premier by Bravos Acting Troupe

8-minute solo Hamlet with a 6th grade class:

 9-minute solo Macbeth with a 6th grade class:

8-minute solo Julius Caesar with a 6th grade class:

Intro to Shakespeare at a school assembly:

Hamlet meets Macbeth meets Caesar intro to Shakespeare for a 6th grade class:

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