Lesson Idea: Virtual Shakespeare with Avatars

I came across this great article, in the New York Times, about a teacher that reached her kids with Shakespeare by creating a virtual Globe Theater.  A full blown 3D model on the computer!  She then had the kids create avatars and interact in the virtual theater by blocking a scene from Titus Andronicus. (I’d have probably chosen something slightly less gory, but, whatever!)

The 3D animated theater is called a “Theatron” and here’s a short video of the Globe’s theatron in action.

By going to the site, Theatron3, you can get into this virtual world with your kids and have them block or act our a scene from a Shakespeare play.

As one of the students said, “The plays are in 3-D, not 2-D.”  So, get your kids engaged on their laptops and into Shakespeare’s virtual world.  Hey, it doesn’t really matter how you get them into Shakespeare, as long as you DO get them into Shakespeare!

Theatron image


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